Rob's dream journal.

Where's the cohesion fairy when you need her?

Rob Vincent
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My name is Rob. I'm an artist, writer, performer, and nerd-of-all-trades. This is my dream blog, which is of little to no interest to anyone. Enjoy!

My website contains my real-life blog, which has a Livejournal feed set up at rob_vincent for friends-page goodness. You can also use my site to contact me directly, and find me on other social networks including Twitter, Google+, and Tumblr.

The primary home of this blog has moved to Dreamwidth, though posts still crosspost back to here. Here is more info on this change. I don't keep up with LJ friends, comments, and comms as much as I used to; please feel free to get in touch with me by other means if you like.

I'm proud to be a regular voice on the Off the Hook, a weekly hacker-focused talk-radio program which is broadcast throughout the New York metropolitan area on WBAI radio, and netcast/podcast worldwide.

Since 2008 I've been on staff at the HOPE conference, doing art and design work as well as duties on the core staff.

I also write fake Doctor Who trivia.

I'm very happily married to this lady.

Please note: my postings and comments here and elsewhere are mine alone, and not representative of or attributable to any other entities with which I may be affiliated unless I express otherwise.

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