Rob Vincent (rob_t_firefly) wrote,
Rob Vincent

For the first time in a long while, I had a dream which I feel like logging.

This was a dream where I was auditioning for an acting job, and the dream went lucid; I realized that what was going on was a dream. So, as I often do in these situations, I chilled out and tried not to actively do anything; I often like to just see what the dream has to show me.

A nondescript person came up to me and handed me a small white book with gold lettering. "Remember this book," said the person, "because when you wake up you're going to want to get a copy. Really remember it."

I thanked them and looked at the book in my hand. There was a title and author's name written on it, but I couldn't interpret the text. I'd look at it, trying to remember what it said, then I'd look away, and when I looked back it said something completely different and I was unable to remember what I'd just read. The text was too damn insubstantial for me to read and remember.

There's an old chestnut about it being impossible to read in a dream; there's a great Batman episode where it's a plot point. I've found this true in some dreams, but not others where I can fully read and interpret text that I remember when I wake up. One thing I have found is that when text changes between looks that can be a good trigger to take a non-lucid dream lucid.

Anyway I had this book, I wanted to remember what it said on the cover, and I knew I couldn't read it myself. So I approached some other character in the dream and said "excuse me, I'm having trouble reading this, could you tell me what it says?" I handed my book to the person, an older woman with glasses.

She took it and looked at it. "Oh," she said, sounding surprised. She opened the book and began reading it, walking away from me, letting out more and more thoughtful and impressed "ohhh!" noises. I tried to follow her, but I lost her in a crowd.

Then I woke up, laughing. My wife woke up soon after, and I told her how I'd been expertly trolled by my own dream.

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