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A short announcement by me on behalf of myself...

There's a book I wish to write! It's a humorous Doctor Who style of thing, grown from my spoof Who trivia project, and in order to fund the time I'd need to do it I've launched a project over on the ol' Kickerstarter. Is it your thing? If so, I'd really appreciate you showing your support, getting your copy, spreading the word, and so on!

I promise you this is relevant to this dream-journal type thing; this project has been in the works for ages. While doing all the work behind the scenes to get this going, as you can imagine I have been having a lot more Doctor Who dreams, in quantities above and beyond my standard levels of obsession with the program. I've also dreamt of the project itself; nightmares about it failing without a whimper as well as wonderful dreams of it finding great success. We'll see in about a month which of those dreams turn out to be the prophetic ones...

In other news, as you may know I moved to Manhattan a couple of years ago. One thing that struck me for a long time afterward, is how when I'd dream of being "home" my dream-home kept being based on where I used to live rather than where I now live. Even when my girlfriend, roommates, etc. who I live with now were in the dream, we were somehow living at my old place. I don't think it was a case of me not consciously feeling as though I'm truly "home" in my new place, as that shift happened rather quickly in reality; I surmised that when my subconscious was given the pool of all my memories to choose from, there was just so much more "home" material which was set in my old place.

More recently, though, my dream-home has drifted away from taking place in my old house. I think what helped spark that shift was not only that I've now had a couple years of my current home, but that I went back and visited my family at my old place after a long time away. What I saw was a classic case of "you can't go home again" as not only are many things moved around, repainted, etc. throughout the house, the whole area which used to be my chunk of the place has actually been physically destroyed since I left. Due to a cycle of damage and repair, my old rooms are actually not there anymore; instead there's just storage which is as alien to what I ever thought of as my "home" as a stranger's place would be. I think once that happened and I went to see it my brain finally flipped the switch, assimilated the information that my old home is no longer actually a place which exists, and I began to dream of my home more often.

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