Rob Vincent (rob_t_firefly) wrote,
Rob Vincent

Odd nightmare

A man (sometimes it was me, but mostly it was a generic dude) was driving his sister (again sometimes it was my sister, mostly a generic lady) around when their car accidentally rear-ended someone else's. They start to panic and drive away at first, but quickly decide to do the right thing and pull over.

They walk back to the car that's been hit, and it's being driven by a teenager who is near tears; he's terrified of what his parents will say. The brother and sister inspect the damage, offer to exchange information, make sure everything's paid for, etc. but the kid is unconsolable; he's crying that it was his first time driving his family's car on his own, his mom was going to kill him, etc. The kid lives not too far from where they are, so finally they offer to go back to his house with him and explain things to his family.

They follow him to his house and he invites them in, offers them something to drink, and says he's going upstairs to get his mother. The brother and sister sit awkwardly on a couple of chairs sipping their drinks for a few minutes, but they slowly get drowsy and drift off, spilling their drinks.

When they come to they've been tied to the chairs and the room is full of about 30-40 creepy-looking relatives, with the mother front and center and the kid next to her. He just has that annoyed/embarassed look not uncommon to teenage boys being spoken for by their moms, but all eyes are on the brother and sister as the mother furiously lists all the ways in which her son is going to punish them for what they did.

The dream cuts to much later, as the brother - heavily injured and bleeding - crawls alone across the lawn back to the car, crying. It skips ahead again to the smoking remains of the car, still parked in front of the house.

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