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Animals are people too

A dream I had last night which is still sticking in my head was a bit sci-fi. There was a company who would, for a fee, give someone a treatment that would change their body to an animal of their choice for a limited time. It was something for rich and influential people to play around with, but the whole thing was actually a front; some agency (aliens?) were turning the clients into animals, but instead of changing them back afterward they'd change one of their own group into the person and take over their life.

The story of what was going on was slowly beginning to leak out because one client, who'd been turned into a field mouse, re-learned how to talk as a mouse and was getting the story out.

There's a mass-market CGI film in this somewhere.

At any rate, hi there! I realized while writing this up that I haven't blogged in forever, so there's also a brief update on the real-life blog here.

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