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My dreams last night (actually yesterday morning; I'm almost fully nocturnal again) were stranger than usual. In one, an old friend and I were sitting in the stands of a sports event at some indoor arena, and instead of watching the game I was fending off said friend's repeated awkward and uncomfortable sexual advances and gropes toward me. I kept saying no and pushing him away, but he kept ignoring my protests and trying again. This is odd because I really don't think I'm that guy's type in real life, even if I were I'm sure he'd be far better-behaved than that and he'd certainly take no for an answer the first time, and I don't go out to watch sporting events.

Later I was at the house of a relative I haven't visited in real life since I was a kid. Nobody else was in the house. I raided the refrigerator and found a delicious-looking cake. I knew that for some reason I wasn't allowed to have a piece, but I did anyway and it was ridiculously delicious.

In a later dream, I was hanging with my sister at a humongous department store; K-Mart, possibly, but a much larger one than I've ever seen. Though I was my current age, my grown sister was a young kid of perhaps 10 again. We were both dressed in superhero Halloween costumes; I don't remember what hers was, but mine was the 1997 film version of Robin. (Fat chance I'd ever choose that one to wear in reality.) We were wandering around the store hoping to entertain people, but the customers who had children with them got really angry with us; they assumed we were paid by the store to market the costumes to their kids.

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