Rob Vincent (rob_t_firefly) wrote,
Rob Vincent

I'm sailing away...

Rare RL posts are SRS BSNS! >:-[

I'm officially migrating this blog from LiveJournal to Dreamwidth. This move is not just due to the latest bits of asshattery on the part of LJ's overlords, those were just the latest and final straws. Over the last few years LiveJournal has become less and less like the site I've loved using since joining up seven years ago. Dreamwidth was started by former LJ staff with an eye toward fixing things LJ has been doing wrong while keeping what LJ has done well, and they really seem to have the right ideas. For instance, this FAQ made me very happy.

My posts to Dreamwidth will automatically crosspost back to LiveJournal, and I'm still going to be keeping up with LJ comments and the people and comms on LJ I love so very very much, but my primary posting place is now on Dreamwidth and I won't be renewing my paid LJ when it runs out in a few weeks. From the LJ end my stuff will still work as it always has, I'll just have less icons to play with.

You wonderful folks from LJ can already sign in to Dreamwidth with your LiveJournal OpenIDs for commenting and such, and even though I almost never f-lock anything my LJ friends have been granted full access to my Dreamwidth. If you've already got a Dreamwidth, add me there!

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For more info on Dreamwidth, check out its Wikipedia entry.
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