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Rob Vincent

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October 21st, 2021

[sticky post] OMG HI! [Oct. 21st, 2021|04:29 pm]
Rob Vincent
Hello, person!

This note is here to inform folks wandering in that this is not my real blog. I've got a long-running real-life blog on my own website, which has a Livejournal feed set up at rob_vincent.

When I signed up to LiveJournal to comment on friends' journals and use communities, I decided to not let this account go to waste by using it as a dream journal. This makes it mostly uninteresting to people who are not me but hey, I've always wanted to journal my dreams. Since I've been doing this project I've found it quite therapeutic and fascinating in its way, and I'm glad I've gotten into the habit. The primary home of this project has since been moved from LJ to Dreamwidth ([personal profile] rob_t_firefly) but automatically crossposts back here to LJ. Here's more info on that change.

For more info on what I'm all about in real life you can check out my LJ profile as well as me dot net.
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