July 4th, 2011



First dream I remember from last night involved going to the wedding of someone I've only met once in real life. Some of my other friends were there, and it was all fun until Tommy Wiseau showed up. It turned he was "director of the wedding," and brought awful costumes and scripts that all the guests had to use in order to make the wedding fit his vision. I wanted to just leave, but my date at the wedding was someone on whom I've got a major crush so I stuck around.

A later dream took place in a corporate boardroom of some sort; one wall of the room was taken up by 1940s-military-style radio communication equipment. The crowd of people in there needed to use this equipment, and it was my job to get it working. One man tearfully thanked me when I was able to show him which plug to use for his headphones. An old lady then stole the headphones I had been using and claimed they were hers.

Finally, there was a dream which took place in the small theatre at which I worked as a teenager. I was suddenly back there working on a lighting design for an upcoming play. When the director found out she became really angry; apparently she hated me for some reason and started raging about how I wasn't supposed to be working there anymore. This is especially odd because she's someone with whom I worked there in real life, and was actually one of my closest friends at that place; we always got along really well.

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