November 28th, 2010


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For the first time in ages, I had a nightmare about the arcade I used to run. It was the standard workplace-type nightmares everyone has occasionally, wherein you're trying to do your job but suddenly forget how to do something simple, you keep losing count or misreading paperwork, etc. I find the experience is always a bit more unsettling when it features a job I haven't had for ages; it feels like the occasional nightmares I have reliving stuff like High School, stuck in some class or social situation while thinking somewhere in the back of my dream-addled mind "wait, aren't I in my 30s?"

I guess it makes a certain sort of sense, though; whatever chunk in the back of my head insists upon generating me that sort of nightmare doesn't have much else to work with these days. It must be difficult to build that sort of structurally-enforceable nightmare environment about the entirely unstructured freelance work I'm doing at the moment.

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