November 16th, 2010



Dreamt I was at a gamer convention. Wil Wheaton was there, and he greeted me as though he knew me. Then he mentioned that night's scheduled large-scale Dungeons and Dragons tournament, and how he knew my campaign would be great and he couldn't wait to play it. I tried explaining that I didn't make one, and in fact it's been around 7 years since I GMed anything and 10 since I've touched D&D, but he didn't seem to hear me so I had no choice but to suddenly make a campaign ready for playing by about 100 people that evening.

Sleep was fitful and I kept waking up during this dream, reassuring myself that I wasn't really at such an event and didn't have to do such a job, but I kept slipping back into the same dream again. Unsettling.

A later dream involved me as Craig Ferguson's cameraman, following him as he wandered around the city and complained about things being dirty. I don't know why.

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