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Rob Vincent

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October 22nd, 2010

ARG. [Oct. 22nd, 2010|02:12 pm]
Rob Vincent
[Mood |indescribableindescribable]

I'd been awake for around 20 hours when I drifted off for an hour or so of fitful sleep plagued with unsettling, disjointed, but mostly lucid nightmares. Then I woke up literally halfway; I was laying on my right side, with only my right eye open. I could see my computer, with all the correct windows and tweets and everything going on and the correct time displayed; this was not part of the dream. What was part of the dream was on my left side and behind me; I sensed some shadowy, unseeable, horrible thing which climbed up my back and began clawing and tearing at my left shoulder blade area, making growling monster noises. Through all this I couldn't move anything but my right eye.

I was aware enough to realize that I was stuck in a state of sleep paralysis, and I struggled to move any part of my body and wake up the rest of the way. While I did so, the thing kept mauling and tearing into my shoulder; knowing it was a dream didn't make it hurt less. I silently commanded myself "get up, there's nothing there." I heard from over my left shoulder in response, in a gravelly, muffled voice of a hellish creature with its mouth partially full, feeling the breath of every word on the back of my neck, "YOU'RE RIGHT, NOTHNG HERE." At that I finally gasped and rolled over onto on empty bed in my empty room, my shoulder mercifully intact and uneaten.

That was a couple of hours ago; I immediately went into the kitchen, had some coffee, and played with the cats for a bit. I should get more sleep, but NOT JUST NOW thankyouverymuch.

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