September 19th, 2010



Still struggling awake from a very strange dream in which I was driving around with my family through a ghost town somewhere. Apparently the place had been uninhabited since getting hit with a peculiar type of bomb; one which randomly vaporized walls and roofs while leaving the inside structures and contents unharmed. So, there were open spaces populated by kitchen with dinners still served on them, living room sofas across from televisions, beds and nightstands, etc. No idea what happened to the people, but the place was then left just as it was since whatever happened happened.

We were exploring, taking pictures, etc. when we discovered an intact house that looked exactly like our own, only mirrored, and with the paint job as it was in the 1980s. We went inside and everything was there as we remembered it, but in the precise mirror position of our home as it looked back when I was around 12. In another bizarre twist, everything with writing on it was there as well - but in a random foreign language. In what would have been my room there were all the same books and posters I'd owned back then but in Belgian, in the kitchen the food labels and cookbooks were in Arabic, etc. with a different language in each room.

This weirdness was followed by, or preceded by, a dream which has almost completely faded from memory. All I remember was it involved the Blues Brothers in some capacity.

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