July 31st, 2010

fp - psychosomatic


I just had a dream in which, unrelated to the dream's events (it was a standard flashback to an old job,) I'd come up with a perfect mashup of five or six songs that would mix really well together. I even, in the dream, wrote them down on a slip of paper and put it in my pocket so I'd remember them.

Naturally, the first thing to vanish from my memory when I awoke was which songs they were. The boring bits of the dream involving a menial job I held when I was a teenager are all safe and sound in my brain, taking up cells they'll probably never leave, but the interesting bit which could have inspired creativity is gone forever.

Is the rest of my day going to go like this?

Apropos of nothing, I've finally gotten round to setting up this dream journal to feed to my Twitter, where it will fail to catch the interest of an entirely new community of readers. Hello Twitterers, here's why this exists.
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