June 1st, 2010



Hat a fitful night of sleep with a few dreams. In one I was watching and/or experiencing an episode of Quantum Leap in which Sam Beckett got home and was playing around in the Imaging Chamber with Al.

In another there was a concert going on wherein the band was playing Weebl's Amazing Horse loop over and over, which slowly morphed into a heavy rock ballad type of thing.

In the third there was a party going on which consisted of a reunion of my 8th grade class, which sometimes took place in my house, and sometimes took place in the old classroom. A video was playing in my living room of my old teacher, who had passed away, on some sort of talk show. I wasn't enjoying the party so I sat down in front of that for a while, and the teacher stopped having whatever conversation she was having and turned toward me, and started asking me about the stuff I'd been up to since school. I didn't think this was odd, and I answered her questions happily.
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