May 9th, 2010


Butchers and cars

A dream last night involved going to a small butcher's shop and buying a packet of steaks. After bringing them home, I went online and discovered a grainy photograph on some blog which showed a panoramic view of the inside of a different, much larger, meat market at night. Despite it being a photograph, there was almost undetectable movement in it, as though someone or something sinister were trying to hide in the shadows. The blog on which this photograph was posted asked its readers to investigate.

So, I got into my mother's car and drove out to the shop. It was daylight, but the shop was closed. I happened to have the key for some reason, so I went inside and looked around. It was generically creepy, but I couldn't find anything notable, so I locked the store back up and drove away. At this point I realized that I hadn't informed my mom I'd be borrowing her car, so I decided to call her and explain. I opened my phone, but the screen refused to light up. I looked closer at the screen, but the dark square started to expand and absorb my entire field of vision like a black hole. Then I woke up.

The creepy meat market seemed based on a local place called Casanova Meat Market my family started going to when I was young. It is much smaller and less creepy in real life. Last night's Doctor Who episode name-checked Casanova, perhaps that's why it was knocking around in my subconscious.

In real life, I don't drive and never got a license. I took a few lessons when I was 16 or so, but lost interest and haven't driven since then. In the dream I sort of vaguely remembered this fact, and my driving got shakier when I began to think about how I didn't really know how to do it, but when I decided to stop thinking about it and improvise everything was okay again.
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