January 29th, 2010


Various creepiness

Lately I'm having odd dreams about my old job running a mall arcade. It's pretty much just a surreal nightmarish replaying of all the worst things about that job; angry customers, broken machines, people trying to steal stuff, etc. Waking up and remembering that the place doesn't even physically exist anymore is always a comfort.

It's not too much of a stretch for me to analyze these; my hunt for work is pretty damned furious these days. Additionally, while dull and tedious, the sheer routine that I had back then was actually comforting for who I was at that time in my life. Nevertheless, it's really not what I need from a vocation anymore, and perhaps I needed a reminder of that fact. The memory cheats, and among the stress of job-hunting I might have been in a bit of danger of looking back at that lifestyle with a bit of nostalgia, not fully considering why I left it in the first place.

Even odder though is a nightmare I had about a week ago. I was at some sort of business convention at a big hotel, surrounded by people in expensive-looking suits. We were all in the hotel's lobby discussing whatever, when almost in unison everyone turned toward me, suddenly with zombie-like faces and tattered clothes. They began chanting one sentence over and over at me in zombie voices; "make us eat mice!" The dream became a standard survival-horror type of thing, with these zombies chasing me around a suddenly-decaying hotel, demanding that I make them eat mice... yeah, I don't freaking know, either.
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