December 21st, 2009



Dreamed this morning that I was on a train into the city to do Off the Hook, but noticed that the Long Island Railroad train didn't stop at Penn Station. I asked the trainman what the deal was, and he told me "oh, you should have changed at Jamaica. This train goes express to North Carolina."

After a moment, I asked "But I can change at North Carolina for the next train back to Penn, right?"

"Oh sure, no problem."

I got off the train in North Carolina, and learned that the next train back to New York wasn't for another three hours. Somehow this still left me enough time to get to the show, so I wasn't too worried. I decided to look around town.

I ended up in a dive bar, where the owner was panicking because the band that was supposed to play never showed up and the crowd was getting rowdy. I just so happened to have a copy of the karaoke version of my new album on me (apparently I had a new album, did I mention?) So he put it on, handed me a microphone, and let me take the stage. I sang some songs which I'd apparently written and recorded over the previous year, and which the crowd loved (wish I could remember them now!)

After that the dream cut forward to me arriving back home after ostensibly getting back to NYC from North Carolina, doing Off the Hook, and heading back to Long Island. On my doorstep I found a package addressed to me from the bar; in it was my backpack which I'd forgotten and a thank-you note for saving the day.
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