December 12th, 2009


irresponsible activities

Unexpectedly crashed at 5:30 PM, woke at 1:30 AM. Circadian rhythm of mine, you so crazy.

In the first (and subjectively longest) dream, I was stuck in a real-life version of one of those old puzzle-type video games, like Boxxle or Kwirk, in which you had to find your way out of room after room. Only in this version, the rooms were strangers' apartments, and they were asleep at the time and had to be snuck past. I imagine this was inspired by that stupid fake "apartment creeper" viral advertisement that's been going around.

In the second dream I was around 12 or so, it was Summer, and I was hanging around with a bunch of other kids. We wanted candy and didn't have much money, so we decided that we'd all go to a 7-11. I'd go in first and distract the clerk by pretending to have trouble with the Slurpee machine and making a mess, and meanwhile the rest of the gang would be shoplifting all the candy and junk food they wanted.

I got up to the machine, but ironically enough I really was having trouble with the Slurpee machine. I woke up before I could find out if the other kids succeeded in their mission.

And now, I'm awake and I'm really craving a Slurpee. The question is, do I walk into town in subzero weather to obtain one?
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