June 29th, 2009


brains and names

The other night I dreamed I was playing with a bird-like creature which had flown into a parked car I was sitting in the back seat of. Its body was smooth, pale yellow, and translucent like jelly. If you held it up to the light and looked hard you could just make out its brain within its head, but it seemed to contain no other organs. I remember being totally amused by this, and saying to someone who was sitting in the front seat, "look, bird brain!" It seemed happy and friendly in a cartoonish sort of way, and I fed it a cookie.

Last night a dream started out with Jim Carrey doing a standup comedy routine. The one subject of the routine I remember was what seemed to be an Indiana Jones knockoff character whose name was Ohio O'Hara. The performance and venue eventually changed to a hacker con type of presentation, and Carrey started giving a presentation on how he had figured out the private email address of some celebrity (I think it might have been Steve Irwin) based on interviews and stuff given over the years. The slightly nonsensical domain name he had deduced struck me as sort of neat, so I just registered it in real life. For now it'll be my spare domain to quietly mess around with and doodle on as a sort of scratch-pad; I've been meaning to get one of those for a while now.