June 1st, 2009


Not looking at the damn penny

The other night I dreamed that time travel was a regular occurrence, and it worked like it did in the old Christopher Reeve film Somewhere in Time.

In that film, a man falls in love with a portrait of a woman from the year 1912. To be with her, he shuts himself in a room surrounded by items from the era, dresses in period clothing, and hypnotizes himself into the past.

In this dream, that was a well-known method of time travel in general use. Every house had a dark empty room built out of old materials for the specific purpose of auto-hypnotic time travel. People amassed collections of vintage trunks filled with clothes and goodies from their favorite eras with which to lock themselves away. The antiques market skyrocketed, and "vintage" eBay auction items were now labeled "time travel aids." The only difference from the film was that in this version, the time travel was purely temporary; you always snapped back to your proper time in a week or so.

It was such a common, mundane occurrence that people even went so far as to surround themselves with the previous month's newspapers in order to pay past-due bills on time.
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