March 16th, 2009



Back in my high school days, I did stage lighting and other behind-the-scenes stuff for a small regional theatre. It's been ages since that gig ended, but I often revisit it in dreams.

The place was a cramped intimate little venue with a floor-level thrust stage. There were maybe five or six rows of seating, with front row center holding about ten seats, and the actors would have to be careful not to trip over those patrons' feet. Basically, the place was really cozy, and everyone in the room could hear everyone else.

A couple of nights ago I dreamed there was an experimental play going on, which was about an audience watching a play. As such, a new section of theatre seats had been installed on the stage, facing back out into the audience, on which the characters sat. Just to mix things up a bit, some actors from the show were secretly placed in the normal seating sections along with the audience, and a few audience members were seated in some of the stage's seats. I kept shifting roles in the dream; experiencing it more or less simultaneously from the POVs of an actor in the production, a confused audience member, and my teenaged self in the lighting booth.

I have a feeling an actual show like this could be really neat if done right, but it'd probably end up one of those frightfully meta self-referential plays that nobody outside the theatre community would ever dig.
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