January 13th, 2009



Strange dreams last night.. I had found a cat in my house that wasn't mine. It was white, but with bright red fur around its eyes in the shape of a domino mask. It had a collar, but no tag. So I picked it up, finding it completely friendly and comfortable in my arms, and walked around town to try and find its owner. After walking for a long time carrying this cat and getting more and more worried that I couldn't find its owner, petting it and feeling it purr contentedly, I looked back down at it. Instead of the strange cat it was suddenly my old cat Patty, who in real life had to be put to sleep last month (though I didn't remember that within the dream.) She was looking up at me with a sense of "what are you so worried about?" So I carried her back home, still petting her and still feeling her purr.

After that I dreamed that I was in a crowded airport, and my favorite backpack had gone missing, upsetting me greatly. Eventually, a young high-school-bully type of guy mockingly shouted something along the lines of "aww, did poor baby lose his backypacky?" and threw it back to me, laughing cruelly. The front pocket had been opened, and everything within had fallen out. This amused the guy even more. I got really pissed and shouted "you bastard, this was full of things my grandfather gave me before he died 20 years ago! They were all I had left of him!" (In real life this is not true; he died over 20 years ago and I most definitely don't carry mementos of him around in my backpack. I'm pretty sure it was a deliberate lie on my part within the dream as well, just to make this guy feel bad about what he'd done to me.) He immediately stopped laughing, apologized profusely, and helped me find the scattered junk that had fallen out.

I have weird dreams when I'm getting over being really sick.

A few days ago, while I was really sick, I dreamed of perilously hopping across rows and rows of railroad tracks in the middle of the night. It was dark, and the tracks were slick from recent rainfall. I was scared of accidentally hitting an electrified rail, but I somehow made it all the way across. It then occurred to me to use the flashlight in my pocket to look back at what I had crossed (why I didn't think to use it while crossing I've no idea) and I realized that I had ended up in my own backyard. Looking down there were more railroad tracks buried in my lawn, just barely exposed at ground level.