March 26th, 2008



Nightmares about editing Wikipedia. I'd try and revert vandalism out of an article, only to have no effect whatsoever. Then, the vandalized version of the article would come true.

This has got to be a new level of sad geekiness.

The article in question was "more cowbell". Someone had vandalized the article to read something along the lines of:
"More cowbell" is the story of how Will Ferrell left society to live in the woods. He fought and hunted animals with a cowbell he took from around the neck of a wild cow. He survived for years on his own, but was ultimately killed by a bear.

I tried fixing it but couldn't, as the article history kept coming back as fluid dream-text, and when I tried to change it manually I found myself unable to type at all.

This was soon followed by news reports and such confirming Ferrell's death by bear attack in the woods.

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