March 11th, 2008



Last night I dreamed there were wild animals fighting each other just outside my kitchen door. Bears, wolves, and other creatures were all engaged in mortal combat. I mostly remember the wolves.

I tried to close the door to keep them out, but the door was suddenly unattached to the hinges, and also too small to cover the doorway. I ended up standing in my doorway trying to use the shrinking door as some sort of shield, trying to keep the wolves from getting in and my cats from getting out. It somehow worked.

A few nights ago I had an interesting dream that I was at the beach fully dressed, and with a companion who may have been someone I knew in the context of the dream, but who I no longer remember anything about. This person suggested we go for a swim and I obliged, not realizing that I was fully dressed still until I had swam around for a bit. I waded back up to the beach, and took my wallet out of my pocket. I opened it up to find several gallons of water dribbling out of it, but its contents otherwise unharmed.
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