March 6th, 2008



I fell asleep last night while listening to one of my favorite Internet radio stations. This led to their playlist invading my dreams.

At one point I dreamed I was playing Laser Tag in an amusement center I used to work in way back when. In reality I never really liked playing it, but for some reason it was important in the dream that I did, so I shot at birthday kids and frat boys accompanied by the music of Ween, Muddy Waters, Arctic Monkeys, and Depeche Mode on the speakers.

Before that, I was shopping for a suit in some local clothing store, and Frank Black, the Ramones, and Elvis Costello were in there doing a show.

Then I ended up not buying anything, and just walking home. For some reason I was barefoot, and it was the middle of the night, so I was debating whether to tear the hell out of my feet on a few miles of pavement or take a train, when Eddie Vedder turned up at the train station singing for change.
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