December 4th, 2007


Odd night

Last night around 7:30 I crashed hard, and I didn't wake up until about 6:00 AM. I guess I needed it, because I feel pretty marvelous now.

I had some strange dreams, too, and they felt connected with each other like one long dream, which itself was a bit unusual...

I dreamed I went back to an arcade I used to work in because I happened to be in the neighborhood, and thought I'd stop in and say hi to my ex-boss. I sat down in his office, but he was too busy on the phone to even notice I was there at all. When he did finally notice me, he just started giving me orders, ignoring the fact that i haven't worked for him for years and years. So I left, and went to Nathan's to get some hot dogs.

Nathan's didn't know what hot dogs were (despite being a hot dog restaurant with a hot dog for a logo) and kept trying to sell me bowls of yellow-green slime instead. So instead I went home, and found Gremlin (the dog I had years ago and still miss terribly) waiting for me. I realized she died a long time ago, but instead of asking questions I just held her close and cried.

Then my mom showed up, and started arguing with me about religion. Rather than hang around for that, I kissed the dog goodbye and went to a friend's house to play Mortal Kombat 3.

This friend - who wasn't someone I know in real life, but who was an old and trusted friend in the dream - taught me a new trick in Mortal Kombat 3, in which your character gets bored with the 2D fighting and wanders off to explore. My fighter in the game changed into the Fifth Doctor from "Doctor Who," and he wandered off into a Goonies-style maze of caves.

The maze ended up leading to Charlotte the spider from "Charlotte's Web." The Doctor turned into another spider and fell in love with her, despite my jamming at the controls and shouting "nooo, she's going to eat your head!" So I switched off the game and decided to go jogging.

I went jogging, and after a while I realized that while I had on a t-shirt, sporty socks, and 1980s tennis shorts, I wasn't wearing any shoes. It didn't seem to be bothering me, though, so I kept jogging. I lost my way at one point, and had to keep running away from the morning sun in order to go East. (That is of course the wrong way around, but it seemed correct in the dream.)

Suddenly, a crowd of jogging teenage girls surrounded me, and started following me wherever I jogged, Forrest Gump style. I tried to shrug them off by jogging through alleys, backyards, up and down fire escapes, and through a mall, but they stuck with me. So we all ended up jogging into a movie theater, and stopping to watch the film, about which I remember nothing now.

After that we went back to jogging again, and went into a house that resembled my late grandmother's. She wasn't in there, but Dave Coulier from "Full House" was, and he sat us all down in the living room to tell us stories of his life. He often interrupted his own stories to ask me how old I was and why I was hanging around with a bunch of schoolgirls, to which I kept responding that they were the ones who were following me around. The girls would just laugh at this, and then get him to go on with his stories.

During that I woke up.
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