November 12th, 2007


What a gadget.

I dreamed last night of a messed-up TV infomercial.

It was for a gadget that seemed like a cross between a PSP and an iPhone, and it was being presented by Aaron MacGruder wearing a tuxedo.

The ad campaign seemd to focus on how the gadget would immediately make you attractive to women. The analogy presented was, and I quote:

"Think of yourself, a single man, as a cop.. and women are the criminals you're trying to catch and put in jail. If you just go into a singles bar, those women are like the criminals who already gave up and turned themselves in. That won't get you medals and promotions, you need to go out and catch ones who are at large, and bring them in to face justice! And now.."

*he holds up the device*

" can."

...For the record, I ate oreo-mint ice cream before going to bed.
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