October 9th, 2007


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I slept for far too long last night, and had some odd dreams. At the top was one in which I was being shouted at by an old landlord for letting a fridge full of food go rotten. I knew in the dream that it wasn't my fault, but for some reason I profusely apologized to him just to make him feel better. It worked, and he became much friendlier than he ever was when I knew him in real life.

Later I was with the Sixth Doctor, looking through a weird mutated version of my current house which had elements of that old apartment of mine incorporated into it. We kept finding plastic bags filled with water, which was important somehow. Our search also spread to the local mall, which was deserted apart from a family of tourists who were renting out a hotel room, er, in the mall. (Probably inspired by this news story I read recently. Still weird.) For some reason a child from this family kept following us around.

I drank that weird vitamin-enriched Diet Coke for the first time last night. I shall blame that for my brain weirdness today.
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