August 2nd, 2007



I think it should be known that my circadian rhythm is currently beating out a heavy metal reggae samba calypso with some new-age disjointed jazz thrown in. The end product is not working out well.

For some reason I passed out at 8PM last night. 8PM! I don't think I've gone to sleep at 8PM since I was six years old and near death.

I dreamed mostly of driving around in the DeLorean time machine from "Back to the Future," a recurring dream of many children of the 1980s, but not one I've had much anytime recently. (I'm more of a TARDIS man these days.)

In this particular dream, I was driving it up and down my block, impressing my sister and my neighbors. All went well until I left it parked for a moment, and turned around to see that it was suddenly covered in thick, peeling layers of yellow and pink house paint for some reason. I groaned and started scraping off the paint, but there the dream ended.

At any rate, I woke up again at 2AM, and have been killing time on LJ and in Second Life in order to try and get another hour or two of sleep before work. Hasn't worked so far.
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