May 31st, 2007



So I've been majorly failing at dream blogging for a while, in part because most of what's been going on in my head has been of a more personal nature, and in part because I've been a livejournal hermit. But this one was weird enough to pull me back for a sec..

So in this dream I'm hanging around on the observation deck of the Empire State Building. Who do I bump into, but the late former President Gerald Ford.

For some reason I'm really happy to meet him, and I enthusiastically shake his hand, saying "it's great to meet you, Mr. President!"

He's just as happy to meet me, and he replies "It's great to meet you too, young woman!"

That's where it ended. It's worth noting that in this dream I was not a young woman, nor really mistakable for one. In fact, I still had the beard I recently shaved off in reality.
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