August 12th, 2006



A few nights ago I dreamed I was waiting at a ground-level railroad station, and there were lots of people there. Two tracks, one for westbound trains, and one for eastbound, and you have to wait on the proper side of the station, much like many of the LIRR stations I deal with often. However, there were no raised platforms to wait on, everything was at ground level, and you could step right onto the tracks.

Every time a train got close, a ton of people on the platforms suddenly realized they were on the wrong side, and ran back and forth across the tracks as the train got closer. This resulted in crowds of people jostling past each other on the dangerous tracks right up until the last possible second, but they all narrowly escaped being hit by trains every time.

I can only remember two things about my dreams last night.
1) Walking around town with a group of friends, I suddenly started beat-boxing. In the unrealistic manner of musicals, everyone else started either doing the same, making an instrument noise with their mouths, or singing, and we had a majorly cool musical performance that none of us had planned.

2) The song "Man of Constant Sorrow" from the film "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" was involved somehow with a later dream, but I don't think it was being sung by anyone, just heard.
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