July 17th, 2006


Jail, Christopher Walken, and skyscrapers.

Last night I dreamed I was in prison. I had no idea why, but in the dream I knew I didn't rightfully belong there, and if I didn't think of something I could expect to spend a good long time there. I was also hyperventilating a bit fom claustrophobia, something which I don't suffer from at all in waking life.

So I was sitting in my cell, with my cell phone in my hand (heh) ready to hit the send key and call my mother to come bail me out or something. However I was really dreading the call, to the point where spending years in jail seemed like a valid alternative to speaking with her.

So, I stowed my phone back on my belt, stretched out on a wooden bench, went to sleep, and dreamed.

Yes, I was dreaming that I went to sleep and had a dream. A little recursion never hurt anyone..

I woke from the dream-within-a-dream (which only felt about ten seconds long, and involved Daleks) back in my prison cell, and quite a few hours had apparently passed. It was the next morning, and I walked up to my barred cell door. As I was about to lean on it, Christopher Walken approached from the other side, dressed in a Sheriff's outfit. He was shocked to see me, and tapped on my cell door, which swung effortlessly open.

"What the hell are you still doing here?" he asked me. "Your paperwork went through yesterday, it turned out we had the wrong guy. Didn't anyone tell you you could go?"

"No, I guess not," I shrugged. "But thanks." Then I left.

When I exited, I walked around town for a bit. My surroundings kept shifting back and forth between my suburban hometown and the skyscrapers of Manhattan. There were crowds of people everywhere, and they were trying to get to the highest altitude they could. They were seeking out hills, climbing onto rocks and trash piles, and even climbing on top of each other. I asked someone why everyone was doing this, and found out that we needed a new mayor. The person who got to the highest altitude by a certain time would automatically be put in charge.

The strange thing (okay, the stranger thing) was that people were emptying out of all the buildings around in order to seek the highest ground out in the street. Apparently it hadn't occured to anyone to get up onto a roof, or at least an upper floor indoors. So, I entered the Empire State Building (which was completely empty) and made my way toward the elevator.

That's when I woke up.
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