June 11th, 2006



Last night I dreamed I was in a courthouse, and while I was wandering aroud it I found a candy dispenser of the small glass-domed variety, filled with what appeared to be white gumballs.

I decided to buy some, but as soon as I touched it a torrent of candy started spewing out of the machine. Mixed in with the white gumballs were white jawbreakers, and white marbles. I thought it a bit mean-spirited that someone would mix marbles in, andwondered how many kids had lost teeth as a result.

I also dreamed I went to London, and was reading a guide book on how to get a bus. I was really confused to learn that London's buses cost $5 American to get on, and the dream then switched to a TV news report on how not only were the locals furious at London's buses requiring an American fiver to ride, but the bus system was losing large amounts of money and might have to close.

Here's a more graphic one.. a few nights ago I dreamed I found a zit on my chest, about two inches off to the right from center. It started bleeding, and something began to work its way out of it.. and it was a french fry, covered in my blood. Then came another, and another.. soon I had a small pile of blood-soaked french fries which had all sprung unexpectedly from my breast.

I wonder what Doctors Freud and Atkins would make of that last dream.
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