December 15th, 2005


Armless fun

Night before last, I dreamed that Rob Zombie had listed an original painting of his on eBay. It wasn't violent or gruesome or anything, it was just a sketchy, Renaissance-looking painting in reddish tones of a nondescript person.

The painting sold for $50,000. Soon after buying it, the buyer went crazy and cut both his own arms off. (Never mind how, this is dream logic dammit!)

This made the television news, which I was watching with my mom. She said something like "Well, Rob Zombie shouldn't be allowed to sell his paintings! Look what it did to that poor guy, making him cut his arms off like that."

I was dumbfounded, and replied "How can you blame Rob Zombie? If this guy had bought a dozen eggs from the grocery store before cutting his own arms off, would you blame the egg farmers?"

I woke up before I could get an answer.