November 27th, 2005


Movie Theaters and Green Day

I have this recurring dream of an infinitely huge movie theater, with lots of screens. Whenever I dream this, I end up seeing something totally different in whichever theater I choose.

Last night it turned out to be a Green Day concert. I'm not much of a fan, but in the dream I was pretty enthusiastic about seeing Green Day perform, even though my sister Fina and some other people whose identities I don't remember were less so.

I enjoyed the music, even though everyone I was with kept going on about how much of a dick the lead singer was, but I didn't believe them and just dug the music.

After the concert was over, he came back and sat near me, which I thought was cool. I gave him a cassette copy of their first album I happened to have, asking him to sign it for me. He took the tape and a marker, smashed the cassette, and scribbled all over my favorite hat instead. Turns out he was a dick after all.

After that I went to a different theater, and ended up backstage at "Saturday Night Live," in which I was apparently a cast member, and showtime was in two minutes. This one is a bit recurring.

I also dreamed of an idea for a pretty funny YTMND, which I'll put up whenever I can find the right graphics.

EDIT - here it is. That's pretty much how it looked in the dream, but took longer than I thought to make.
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