November 6th, 2005



Ok, dreams are getting weirder than usual.

Last night I dreamt I was a Catholic priest. I was still as Pagan as I am now, but for some reason had resigned myself to posing as a Catholic in order to reach the people I needed to advise and assist.

There was also a short dream in which I was a mechanic trying to get the "Back to the Future" DeLorean working right, and test driving it up and down my block. Sure enough, the vanful of Libyan terrorists from that movie started chasing me around.

I also had an extremely odd dream in which I was hugging a young, sad-looking Asian girl for some reason. It was a comforting, condolence sort of hug, nothing sexual. After a few minutes of hugging, she stepped back, stripped off her shirt, and leaped into my chest like Neo into Agent Smith in the first "Matrix." After that I felt all sorts of weird things energetically for a few minutes, but suddenly felt tons better, like she was a bit of me I had been missing without knowing it.

A few days ago I dreamt of hanging out with the Queen of England, although she was only in her mid-40s. We were wandering around NYC, and nobody seemed to notice who she was even though she was in full Royal regalia, crown, medals, and carrying a scepter. She later knighted someone with the letter opener I use at work.
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