October 9th, 2005


Hail to the zombie woman?

Last night I dreamed I was a woman. Not just any woman, but one who had just been elected President of the USA. There were congratualtions and celebrating all around, and I was discussing how good a job I'd do, what changes I could make, and so on.

A huge party was thrown in my honor at the red brick apartment building in which I lived. It was a great party, but I needed to get away from it for a bit. I walked outside the red brick apartment building where I lived, to a courtyard. It was a dark night, well-lit by a streetlamp, and the fresh air was great.

But wouldn't you know it, a zombie leaped out of the bushes and bit my hand.

I ran back inside in tears, because I knew that I'd be a zombie soon. All the planning and celebrating was for nothing, since I'd never get to take presidential office.

It sounds goofy now, but in the dream it was pretty devestating. I could see the blackening bite mark on my hand, feel the infection spreading throughout my body, and such.

My friends in the dream were very supportive and understanding. They put me to bed, posted a guard on my door, and began searching for ways to cure me. Also, someone got Weird Al Yankovic to show up and sing a few songs, just to cheer me up.

Dream ended about there.
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