October 7th, 2005


No idea.

Just woke from a dream in a really filthy grocery store I seem to dream about often, although it doesn't exist in real life (to my knowledge.)

I was wandering around the store looking for something to eat, but didn't find anything, so I went outside. There was a crowd of maybe 100 people in the parking lot, watching a chorus of maybe a dozen who were performing acapella against the store's wall.

When the chorus started singing something, a bunch of people near the front of the crowd started doing everything they could to disrupt the performance. Talking loudly, singing other songs, even calling the singers on their cellphones. Eventually they succeeded, as the chorus gave up and left, leaving the crowd unsure of what to do with itself.

Later on I had a dream which wasn't very distinct visually, I was in a small white room or cube with no doors or windows. The one constant in the dream was a loud pounding sound, as though someone or something was desperate to get into the cube. It was then that I realized I created the cube as a shield against whatever was doing the pounding, and mentally keeping it up was a matter of concentrating. The pounding got louder and louder..

Then I woke up, still hearing the pounding, which was my own pulse in my ears. I also woke to a migraine.