August 14th, 2005


Obvious solutions

Last night I dreamed I was hanging out at some sort of time travellers' convention with one of my favorite fictional characters..

Over dinner, Doc Brown of "Back to the Future" confessed to me that he was really worried about flying his DeLorean around through time, as he never knew whether or not he'd end up in the path of an aircraft when he appeared in whatever time he was travelling to. This wasn't as much of a problem in the future, since all air traffic was heavily regulated to specific patterns and therefore predictable by the DeLorean's computers, but in the past it could lead to disaster.

I presented him with a simple solution to his problem: build a bunch of small, undetectable spy satellites using future technology. Toss them into orbit back in the early 20th Century, and set them to monitor and log the path of all aircraft (apart from the DeLorean itself, natch,) and pick them up in the future just before all air travel becomes heavily organized. Feed all their data into the time machine's systems, and you'll never have to worry about showing up in the recorded paths of anything.

He thanked me profusely, but confessed that he was still envious of my TARDIS.
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Crazy little thing..

The night before last, I was a cop, partnered by a young woman who seemed to be one of my best friends in the dream, though I don't know her in waking life.

We were on the tail of some criminal, and had followed him into a small candle shop. On the way in, I noticed a framed sign on the wall, which read "Rock and Roll is bad for you. -- The Management" in intricate, hand-lettered script. This was fairly close to a radio, which was playing rock and roll.

In the back of the shop, we got stopped by Margaret the Slitheen (of "Doctor Who"), who was pretty much ready to kill us. Luckily, I just happened to have The Mask (of the Jim Carrey movie of the same name.) I put it on, and used its powers to begin a dance number set to Queen's "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" starring Margaret. While she was busy dancing and singing, my partner and I slipped out.

Later, I remember my partner suddenly bursting into tears, and telling me she had no idea why I continued to hang around with her. She found it very hard to believe I didn't have an ulterior motive, and I just really liked her for herself.