July 13th, 2005


Mobile education

Last night I dreamed of a huge collective school bus known as "The School." It was hundreds of school buses of different sizes, shapes, and eras of origin, connected together by pieces of other buses, all welded, bolted, and twisted together in a huge haphazard conglomerated Mad-Max-ish structure, forever barreling down an endless clearing (but not a road, just reasonably flat dirt) toward destinations unknown. Very post-apocalyptic.

The function of this school of school buses known as "The School? ...It was a school. Kids from pre-school-age to College had to go from bus to bus to reach their classes, which were on the bigger buses.

"Final Fantasy 8" fans might have likened it to the Gardens in that game - vast mobile structures containing all levels of education. But the damn weird thing was made out of a tangle of school buses.
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