May 31st, 2005


Phone Post:

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“Okay, first PhonePost ever. Cool.

Alright, so, last night I had this dream that I was a woman who was about to get married to another woman. Now, this woman who I was about to marry had multiple personalities. Some of them were women, some of them were men, but they were all in love with me and it was all good. We were about to go on with the wedding. So the day of the wedding I show up at my spouse-to-be's home, and she's dressed as a man because one of the male personalities is dominant, but I find out that this is a new personality, one that I never knew existed before, but one that didn't like me and didn't want to go on with the wedding.

So, I was pretty heart-broken, but I rushed into her bedroom to change out of my wedding dress and that's when I discovered that there was this milk crate full of billiard balls. Now, each of these billiard balls had, like, written on it in marker the name of one of the personalities. And on a night table above this crate was a display case like you would keep a autographed baseball in. And in this one was a billiard ball with the name of the current dominant personality in there.

And so eventually I figured out that whichever one of the balls out of this crate was sitting in the display case, that is the personality that would be dominant. And so I started debating with myself the ethics of switching out these balls myself in order to get one of the other personalities to come to the surface and go on with the wedding. And I didn't come to a decision because that's when I woke up.”

Transcribed by: multiple users