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Rob Vincent

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January 21st, 2005

(no subject) [Jan. 21st, 2005|07:27 am]
Rob Vincent
So I was running from some cops, who were chasing me for some damn reason. I ducked into a quiet neighborhood, and started looking for places to hide in backyards. I found a nice spot under a boat trailer, and waited.

I could still see the cops from my hiding place. I watched as they brought out a huge speaker truck, made a few adjustments, and switched it on... filling the entire neighborhood with the sounds of hardcore pornography.

This immediately caused every homeowner to leave their house, and start searching every nook and cranny in their yards for these horrible people who have the nerve to loudly couple in their nice, peaceful hamlet, saving the police the trouble of searching.

I laughed myself awake, and wondered if maybe I shouldnt post this dream, as it'd give the police ideas...
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