December 24th, 2004



In a dream, I had to exorcise some sort of demon.  This thing had resisted all attempts to get rid of it by this large group of people, who I somehow knew in the dream.

I didn't know I was dreaming, so this whole thing was decidedly creepy.

For a while, none of my attempts to get rid of the thing were any more successful.  Finally, on impulse, I grabbed a wooden drumstick off a nearby shelf.  Using it as a wand, I performed the most powerful banishing I have ever done.  I put everything into it, and finally, the demon vanished, writhing in pain, Hollywood-style.

I fell, completely drained.  As some others helped me away from the scene, thanking me for what I did, I looked down at the drumstick.

"Funny thing," I muttered, "this wasn't there before."

"No, it wasn't," agreed an unfamiliar voice in the back of my own head

Then I woke up.