November 20th, 2004


(no subject)

I just woke up from a frustrating dream in which I wanted to buy a slide whistle, but every time I picked one up, it didn't work at all.  The man who ran the junk store was getting fed up with me, since every time he picked one out of the pile, it worked fine for him.  Still, I'd try that one, and it would suddenly break or something, and I'd have to keep looking.  I was holding up a pretty big line by the end.

Now I sort of want to go out and buy a slide whistle.

Night before last, I had a more interesting dream.  I dreamed I had two of the same box of pencils.  Not two identical boxes, there were actually two instances of the same pencil box.  I remember thinking it the product of a spacetime paradox or something.

Twirl, play with, or write with a pencil from one box, and its twin pencil from the twin box would do the same.  (If this hurts your brain, picture displaying the same image file twice on one web page.  Later, if you alter one image, the other will immediately display the change as well.)

This was sort of an ansible concept, which is a fictional comunication device involving two "twin" particles.  Change something about one particle, and its twin will display the same change, no matter where it is in space - instant communication.  I've always loved that idea.