November 10th, 2004


(no subject)

I kept going sort of lucid last night, while still remaining enough of a part of the dream where I felt the need to explain the fact that I was dreaming to everyone else in the dream.

I remember trying to convince my mom that I was dreaming, which she wasn't at all receptive to, not even when I reached up into the clouds, pulled one down, and ate it in front of her.

Soon after, some cops showed up (in a futuristic police car from "Back to the Future II") and demanded to see my room. When I let them in, they snooped around, and decided it wasn't what they were looking for. Still, they wanted to take me in on suspicion that I must be doing something wrong, in order to have been so cooperative.

I also dreamed I was in a huge public bathroom with rows of stalls, containing progressively larger toilets. The last one could have served as a jacuzzi.