August 29th, 2004


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This morning I dreamed that greyfrequency and I went to the movies.  This was an odd theater, thouigh.. you walked in, and the whole thing was one big hangar-sized room.  At one end were ticket counters and such, and at the other end was the screen.  Not that great a business model I think..

Anyway, we go watch the flick, but are constantly interrupted by some boisterous people a few rows ahead (one of whom is a coworker of mine in real life.)

I remember constantly trying to make sense of the movie, which was a confused jumble of images and scenes.  Still, I seemed to be the only audience member who didn't "get it."

Later, we were hanging around outside the theater, when Grey notices these metal doors spaced evenly around the building.  These doors had small holes crudely drilled into them, and the edges of the holes were sticking out and dangerously sharp.  So, Grey produced a file, and got to work smoothing the rough edges down.

While she was on that, I approached a pair of payphones.  Before I could play with them, someone smashed them to bits with a flying kick.  THis someone, on closer inspection, was an old pal of mine from my old job as an arcade manager.

Before I could greet him, he and Grey were scooped up by security officers and placed under arrest.  I approached the one in charge and asked what the deal was, and was informed that the fellow was under arrest for smashing the phones, and Grey was under arrest for vandalizing the doors.

She wouldn't listen to my explaination of Grey's actions, so I demanded to be taken as well, because "where she goes I go."

Then, I woke up.
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