August 5th, 2004


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Fun fact of the day: I nap in public. I have a talent for being able to fall asleep any time, anywhere, in nearly any position.

When I arrive at the railroad station after work, I usually have half an hour or so before my train home shows up. So, I have one particular spot on the platform, suitably protected from the normal end-of-workday crowd, between two billboards where I can usually stretch out and shut my eyes for a while. (Before you ask, it's a really clean station. The platform is ground level, and pretty much sidewalk quality.) I usually just zone out and meditate a bit, but often I'll actually fall asleep.

When I do, I tend to get an odd recurring dream that I'm on some sort of guided tour. I can't remember what of, but I think it may be a museum of some sort.

The tour guide seems to be explaining something important to me, and in the dream I'm fascinated and agree it's very important... but it always fades when I wake up.

I only dream this dream at the station, and I can't stay in the dream long enough to get more out of it. It's really making me wonder.
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