July 23rd, 2004


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I had an actual nightmare, which hasn't happened in a while.

My friends greyfrequency, _thatguy_, murd0c, and I kept escaping from some futuristic mental institution-type place, and we kept getting recaptured and punished. We were even occasionally killed escaping, or executed as punishment... only to be resurrected by the people in charge so we could "continue our treatment."

I was drugged against my will several times, which is one of my all-time worst fears.

Not fun.

And even when I realized it was a dream, I couldn't break out of it, and was stuck trying to escape over and over. I tried throwing in some nonsense at one point to at least make the dream funny, and ended up being chased by velociraptors as well as the institution people.

Still not fun.
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