July 18th, 2004


special guest stars Gonzo and Cara

Last night's dream...

I brought a bunch of friends home, and there was a huge orange-and-black-striped spider, maybe a foot long, in my hallway. Everyone was freaked out except Gonzo (reprimander,) who stomped it with these big boots he has.

As we progressed through my house, we found big creepy bugs in every room, which Gonzo would stomp for us.

Later, a bunch of evil-looking Yakuza (Japanese Mafia) showed up, demanding the box of aphrodisiacs they had stashed in my place. They were none too pleased to learn that the animals escaped from the box and got stomped by my friend Gonzo. We decided to be nice and scoop up the animal parts back into the box for them, and all was well.

Later we visited Cara (ambrosiaoferis). She wanted to show us her building collection, which were abandoned buildings on which she used her shrink-ray (she doesn't have one in real life... as far as I know) until they were about two feet tall, and then arranged them around her house. The only problem.. one of them turned out to be the secret headquarters of the Justice League, who were shrunk along with the building., They somehow lost their powers in the transformation, as well. So these tiny superheroes ran out of the shrunken building and started complaining. Cara, after a moment's thought, replied... "Cool.. action figures!"

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